Welcome to KNOW-HOW3000

The knowledge network

Our global team collects knowledge and experience in its day-to-day business, handling projects and communicating with people in our surroundings.

To bundle this knowledge, to bring it on paper, and to make it available for others is the purpose of KNOW-HOW3000, the knowledge network of HORIZONT3000 and its partners.

For more information about the structure, purpose, and the target group of the KNOW-HOW3000 Internet Platform, click here: About the KNOW-HOW3000 Internet Platform

Knowledge Sharing

To share the knowledge of different stakeholders of the network of HORIZONT3000, we present a selection of well prepared “good practices”  and “learning from failure experiences” from organisations of the global south via our experience capitalization process!

Please take a look at the experiences grouped by sectors below, we are sure you find something interesting! For more information on the main sectors of the work of HORIZONT3000 click here.

Rural Development – Natural Resource Management
Human Rights – Civil Society