Communities of Practice (CoP)

Besides Local and Regional Sharing Events for experience exchange purposes, the building of Communities of Practice (CoP) in every region is also promoted in the new project phase. CoP are groups of people who share a passion for something that they do and interact regularly to learn how to do it better. CoP are a proven method within Knowledge Management to foster structured learning & sharing and enable stronger networks among organizations having similar working fields.

In Central America, 3 CoP have been formed this year. The topics are “Farmer Families/Households”, “Women”, and “Youth”:

  • The CoP consist of people of partner organisations of HORIZONT3000, DKA Austria and KFB Austria.
  • Meetings were/are also organized, 2 in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala and 1 in Suchitoto, El Salvador.

On the topic of “Climate Change” exist two new CoP now:

  • one in Austria consisting of several people from different Austrian NGDOs,
  • and one in Senegal with persons from partner organisations working with ORIZONT3000. The kick-off-meeting for the CoP in Senegal took place in the last week of October.

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